MS Dhoni caught Smoking. Video goes viral.

ms dhoni caught smoking hookah


MS Dhoni, the renowned cricketer, has once again made headlines. This time, it is regarding his presence at the engagement ceremony of Rishabh Pant’s sister on January 5th. Reports suggest that Dhoni was seen indulging in hookah smoking during the function, while others present claim the same. The video of Dhoni’s hookah session at the engagement ceremony has garnered attention, with comments pouring in about his attire and his previous relationship with Ankit Chaudhry, who is set to tie the knot soon.

Some netizens argue that Dhoni’s private world should not be invaded by including small things into controversies. This viewpoint is highlighted by former CSK player George Bailey, who previously made composed comments about Dhoni. It is worth noting that a few national media outlets have also reminded us of this. Bailey stated that Dhoni is seen smoking sheesha or hookah in his room, but he doesn’t believe that Dhoni keeps it a secret. This statement by Bailey gained attention in the news. Even after announcing his international cricket retirement, Dhoni continues to gracefully maintain discipline. The matter of Dhoni smoking has now become a topic of debate.

Dhoni’s involvement in a hookah video circulating on the internet has caused quite a stir. Some netizens believe that it could be a synthetic smokescreen, but the full details remain unknown. It is important not to jump to conclusions and blame Dhoni without knowing all the facts. It is worth noting that Dhoni has participated in shooting ads with Stan, but this does not necessarily mean he is involved in this matter.

Dhoni, along with the young wicket keeper Rishabh Pant, celebrated the New Year in Dubai during the previous India tour. They met during the IPL auction on December 19th and even played tennis together, which created a buzz on the internet. It is known that Dhoni underwent knee surgery last year at the age of 42. However, he is now going to start practicing in the nets in a few days.

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