Arun Yogiraj: Master Sculptor for Ayodhya’s Grand Ram Temple


Arun Yogiraj, the talented sculptor behind the exquisite Ram Lalla idol, has been chosen by the temple trust in Ayodhya. Union minister Prahlad Joshi recently announced that Yogiraj’s masterpiece will grace the grand Ram temple during the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony on January 22.

In a social media post, Joshi shared the exciting news, stating, “The idol for the Prana Pratishtapana of Lord Rama in Ayodhya has been finalized. The renowned sculptor, Yogiraj Arun, has beautifully carved the idol, which will be installed in Ayodhya.” The much-anticipated consecration ceremony of the Ram temple is set to take place on January 22, marking a momentous occasion for devotees.

Arun Yogiraj: Master Sculptor for Ayodhya's Grand Ram Temple

Former Karnataka chief minister B S Yediyurappa also expressed his joy and pride in Arun’s achievement. He congratulated the sculptor and highlighted the significance of Lord Ram’s idol being chosen for installation in the Ram Mandir.

Arun Yogiraj comes from a lineage of esteemed sculptors in Mysore, spanning five generations. His passion for sculpting was nurtured by his father, Yogiraj, and grandfather, Basavanna Shilpi, who were both revered artists and enjoyed the patronage of the King of Mysore.

Although Arun initially pursued an MBA and worked in the corporate sector, his love for sculpting eventually led him to dedicate himself fully to his craft in 2008.

In addition to the remarkable Ram Lalla idol, Yogiraj has created an impressive collection of sculptures, including a magnificent 30-feet statue of Subhash Chandra Bose displayed near India Gate, behind the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

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