Petrol pumps to be closed for 4 days?


Petrol Pump Strike Disruption – People are queuing up for hours at the petrol pump as a result of the ongoing strike by drivers. In an interview with Amar Ujala, individuals expressed their concerns about the closure of petrol pumps for four days.

Petrol Pump Strike Turmoil – The city is currently facing a shortage of petrol and diesel due to the strike initiated by drivers at numerous petrol pumps. These drivers have halted the transportation of fuel, causing a scarcity at the pumps.

The strike is scheduled to last from January 1 to 3, as mentioned in a widely circulated letter from the Drivers Association. The recent implementation of a new law by the central government, which imposes severe penalties on drivers involved in fatal accidents, has sparked opposition among the drivers. However, it is important to note that this law applies to all drivers, including those operating cars.

By Monday afternoon, most petrol pumps had already exhausted their fuel reserves, with hopes of replenishment by nightfall. To ensure a steady supply, Collector Ilaiah Raja T personally escorted over a hundred tankers to the pumps under police protection.

Throughout the evening, people patiently waited in long queues for petrol and diesel. Unfortunately, clashes between drivers and the police erupted in several locations, leading to the obstruction of buses and trucks, as well as road closures.

The drivers completely shut down Indore’s Gangwal bus stand and Indore Dewas Road, but the police managed to reopen them. Regarding the claim that petrol pumps will be closed for four days, it is important to clarify that this information is entirely false.

The Drivers Association has indeed called for a strike from January 1 to 3, but Collector Ilaiah Raja T has taken charge to ensure an uninterrupted supply of petrol and diesel. The public should not be concerned as fuel will be readily available everywhere.

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