India-Maldives Diplomatic Tensions

India raises concern as Maldives minister Shiuna’s ‘derogatory’ remarks on PM Modi spark fury

India has expressed its concerns regarding the recent derogatory comments made by Mariyam Shiuna, the Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment in Maldives, against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to sources, the Indian High Commissioner in Male has raised this issue with the Maldivian government. Meanwhile, the government of Maldives, led by President Mohammad Muizzu, has distanced itself from the remarks made by its minister.

n a statement, the Maldives government emphasized the importance of exercising freedom of expression in a democratic and responsible manner, without spreading hatred or negativity, and without hindering the close relationships between Maldives and its international partners. The government also stated that appropriate action will be taken against those who make such derogatory remarks.

India-Maldives Diplomatic Tensions

India-Maldives row: Top Points

1. Following Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, a major dispute erupted between India and Maldives due to derogatory remarks made by a minister from the island country.

2. Mariyam Shiuna, the Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment in Maldives, used derogatory terms such as ‘clown’ and ‘puppet’ to refer to the Prime Minister of India.

3. These derogatory remarks have sparked widespread outrage in India, with many people calling for a boycott of travel to Maldives due to its anti-India stance.

4. As the controversy surrounding this issue intensified, former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed criticized the remarks made by the Maldivian minister and praised India as a “key ally” for the security and prosperity of the archipelago nation.

5. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Mohamed Nasheed expressed his dismay at the offensive language used by Mariyam Shiuna, a government official from Maldives, towards the leader of a crucial ally that plays a vital role in the security and prosperity of Maldives.

6. The former president further added that the government led by Mohamed Muizzu should distance itself from these comments and provide a clear assurance to India that they do not reflect government policy.

7. The newly-elected government of Mohammad Muizzu has distanced itself from the derogatory remarks made by its minister and has stated that the relevant authorities will take action against those who make such offensive comments.

8. India has raised concerns over the derogatory remarks made against the Indian Prime Minister and is using diplomatic channels to communicate its position to the officials of Maldives.

9. This development comes as Mohammad Muizzu, during his election campaign, took an anti-India stance, leading to strained relations between the two nations since his election as the President of Maldives.

10. The new government of Maldives is aligning itself closely with the Arab world, as evidenced by Mohammad Muizzu’s first international trip to Turkey, a nation known for its anti-India views.

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