Naresh Goyal: Jet Airways Founder’s Desperate Plea

Naresh Goyal: Jet Airways Founder's Desperate Plea

‘Better to die in jail’: Jet Airways’ Naresh Goyal tells special court Naresh Goyal, the founder of Jet Airways, pleads in court with ‘folded hands’ that he has ‘lost every hope of life’ amid the alleged Rs 538 crore fraud case.

Naresh Goyal, the founder of Jet Airways, who is currently in judicial custody, presents a distressing image of his physical well-being and personal life, which includes his wife’s battle with cancer.

Naresh Goyal, the founder of Jet Airways, has been accused of a Rs 538 crore fraud at Canara Bank. He appeared before a special court in Mumbai on Saturday and pleaded with “folded hands” that he has lost all hope in life and it would be better for him to die in jail rather than continue living in his current condition.

In September 2023, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) arrested Naresh Goyal in connection with an alleged bank fraud worth Rs 538 crore. He is currently in judicial custody at Arthur Road jail in Mumbai.

Naresh Goyal filed a bail application before special judge M G Deshpande and appeared before the court on Saturday. During the proceedings, he requested a few minutes for a personal hearing, which was granted by the judge.

Jet Airways Founder's Desperate Plea

With folded hands and continuous tremors in his body, Naresh Goyal stated that his health is extremely poor and precarious. He also mentioned that his wife Anita is bedridden and their daughter is also unwell. He revealed that Anita is in the advanced stage of cancer and undergoing treatment.

The businessman further highlighted the limitations of the jail staff in assisting. He pointed out his swollen and painful knees, expressing his inability to fold his legs. The judge noted that Naresh Goyal’s entire body was trembling and that he required assistance even to stand.

Due to his deteriorating health, the septuagenarian businessman requested not to be transferred to J J Hospital and instead asked to be allowed to die in jail, citing the difficulties of the journey and follow-up treatments.

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According to the court’s roznama, Goyal expressed his despair, stating that he has lost all hope in life and believes it would be better to die rather than continue living in such circumstances, as reported by news agency PTI.

Furthermore, Goyal mentioned that there is always a lengthy queue of patients, making it difficult for him to reach the doctor on time. Additionally, he stated that after being examined by the doctor, further follow-up is not possible. Due to his health condition, Goyal explained that he is unable to personally attend court proceedings.

In this instance, Goyal insisted on a physical appearance to personally submit all necessary documents. However, he mentioned that he will no longer insist on physical appearances in the future. The judge acknowledged Goyal’s submissions and assured him that he will not be left helpless. The judge also emphasized that every possible measure will be taken to ensure Goyal’s mental and physical well-being through appropriate treatment. The special court directed Naresh Goyal’s legal representatives to take necessary actions regarding his health.

Jet Airways Founder's Desperate Plea

Goyal submitted his bail petition in December of the previous year, stating that he was afflicted with various health ailments including heart condition, prostate issues, and orthopedic problems. Additionally, he asserted that there were valid reasons to believe in his innocence.

The bail application of Goyal is currently awaiting a decision from special judge M G Deshpande, and the next hearing is set for January 16. The Enforcement Directorate’s case against Goyal, his wife, and certain former Jet Airways executives is founded on a CBI FIR that accuses them of a Rs 538 crore fraud at Canara Bank.

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