Top 5 Stocks to benefit from Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir.

Top 5 Stocks to benefit from Ayodhya's Ram Mandir.
Top 5 Stocks to benefit from Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir.

Unveiling Investment Opportunities: Top 5 Stocks Set to Soar with Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir Opening on January 22

Introduction: As Ayodhya eagerly anticipates the grand opening of the Ram Mandir on January 22, savvy investors are eyeing promising opportunities within the stock market. In this blog, we unveil the top 5 stocks poised for substantial growth in the wake of this historic event.


#1 INDIAN HOTEL CO LTD (IHCL): The Indian Hotels Company Ltd is primarily engaged in the business of owning, operating & managing hotels, palaces, and resorts. Also signed a deal to construct 2 Hotels in Ayodhya. READ MORE.

#2 PRAVEG LIMITED (PRAVEG): Incorporated in 2016 after the merger of Praveg Communications Limited with Sword and Shield Pharma limited; Praveg Communications (India) Limited is an advertising company with core competence in Exhibition and Event Management. The company is also engaged into providing services to the Hospitality sector, Publications and Real Estate marketing.
The company has set up its branches nationally and internationally. Also opening Tent City in Ayodhya from January 15. READ MORE

#3 INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING & TOURISM CORPORATION LTD (IRCTC): Incorporated in 1999, IRCTC is a Mini Ratna (Category 1, Central Public Sector Enterprises) and the only company authorized by the Indian government to provide online railway tickets, catering services, and packaged drinking water at railway stations and trains in India. READ MORE

#4 INTERGLOBE AVIATION LTD (INDIGO): Interglobe Aviation Ltd (Indigo) is India’s largest passenger airline operating as a low-cost carrier. Serving 86 destinations including 24 international destinations, it provides passengers with a simple, unbundled product, fulfilling its singular brand promise of providing “low fares, on-time flights, and a courteous and hassle-free service” to its customers. IndiGo commenced operations in August 2006 with a single aircraft and has grown its fleet to 262 aircraft. READ MORE.

#5 EASY TRIP PLANNERS LTD (EASEMYTRIP): The company offers a comprehensive range of travel-related products and services under the flagship brand ”Ease My Trip”.

It also provides end-to-end travel solutions, including airline tickets, hotels and holiday packages, rail tickets, bus tickets, and taxis as well as ancillary value-added services such as travel insurance, visa processing, and tickets for activities and attractions. READ MORE.

Conclusion: The opening of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir on January 22 presents a unique window of opportunity for investors. By strategically considering stocks in infrastructure, tourism, religious artifacts, hospitality, and real estate, you can position your portfolio to benefit from the economic upswing surrounding this historic event. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and ride the wave of growth in these promising sectors.

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