Shakib Al Hasan brutally Slaps a fan.

Watch: Shakib Al Hasan brutally slaps fan before winning Parliament elections, video sends shockwaves

Recently, Shakib Al Hasan has been attracting attention more for his behavior than for his cricket skills. The captain of the Bangladesh cricket team has become known for his confrontations with umpires and his frustration, often expressed by kicking stumps. Unfortunately, he has once again found himself in trouble. This time, it happened before winning the Parliament elections when he slapped a fan. In a video, Shakib can be seen being accidentally pushed by a fan, which led to his angry response of swiftly slapping the individual’s face.

According to reports, the incident took place at a polling station where Shakib had come to cast his vote. Although the video does not clearly show what provoked Shakib’s reaction, it highlights the chaotic situation as he was surrounded by people. While the specific actions of the fan that angered Shakib remain unclear from the footage, it is evident that the cricketer felt the need to assert control over the situation.

Just two days ago, a viral video captured Shakib sitting on a stage as fans approached him for selfies. While he obliged their requests, there was a noticeable lack of enthusiasm on his face, indicating that he may not have been pleased with the constant interruptions for selfies.

On Sunday, Shakib secured a parliamentary seat in a general election, despite the opposition’s boycott. The 36-year-old all-rounder, who leads the national team in all formats, achieved a significant victory in the Magura constituency, with a commanding lead of over 150,000 votes, as confirmed by Abu Naser Beg, the district’s chief administrator. Beg described Shakib’s win as a “landslide victory” and highlighted the remarkable support he received.

Watch: Shakib Al Hasan brutally slaps fan before winning Parliament elections

Shakib’s remarkable victory:

Shakib’s recent triumph was highly anticipated due to his affiliation with the ruling Awami League party, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The decision of the main opposition, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), to boycott the election further solidified his chances of success. Although Shakib has yet to comment on his win, it is widely expected that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will secure her fifth term in power.

In the lead-up to the election, Shakib acknowledged the absence of significant obstacles but admitted feeling a sense of anxiety about the competition. He compared the challenges he faced to those encountered in cricket, regardless of the team’s size, emphasizing their perpetual nature. “The competition and challenges are always there, be it a small team or a big team,” he stated.

To fully dedicate himself to his political campaign, Shakib temporarily stepped away from cricket, dismissing concerns about his ability to balance both roles. In response to doubts about his commitment, he confidently questioned, “Have I retired? If I haven’t retired, then why is this question being raised?”

Shakib’s influence extends beyond the realm of politics, as he currently holds the prestigious title of being the only individual to simultaneously hold the number-one all-rounder ranking in all three cricket formats, according to the International Cricket Council. His journey began as a teenager when he joined the country’s premier sports academy, and he made his international debut at the age of 19 as a batting all-rounder in 2006.

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